Fixing the spam from

Robert Bonomi bonomi at
Thu Jun 10 16:37:10 UTC 2010

I have an approach that will get MidPhase's attention, but I need the help
of as many of the other victims of their borked support system as I can
round up.

Anybody who gets one of their misbeggotten trouble-ticket acks, please
forward (or copy, or whatever) the message, with *COMPLETE* headers, to
'mp-spam at'.   Feel free to forward _every_ such ack you get,

If you have saved copies of their prior crimes, feel free to send them to
the above address, as well.  Please send each such as a separate email,
however; I'm tabulating on the basis of each message received -here-.

If you have/use procmail for handling incoming mail,, a recipie of:

   0: H:
   * ^From: freebsd-questions at
   * ^Reply.*mpcustomer
   ! mp-spam at

will do it automatically, _and_ eliminate it from your inbox.

However you do it, I'll bit-bucket anything not matching those two REs in
an _unanchored_ form,  so a 'false-positive' in a forwarded message is "no 

The larger the number of 'victims' I can show _actual_proof_ of, the more
of a reaction I'll be able to  stir up.

The 'fun-and-games' -- They are in out-and-out violation of that mostly 
*useless* piece of legislation known as CAN-SPAM.  Their *forgery* of the
"From: " line to show the address of the mailing-list is a clear violation
of 15 USC 7704 (a) (1).  What's even -more- fun, is that they are going to
shoot themselves in the foot -- they will auto-ack *this* message, thereby
establishing that they have "actual notice" of the violation, and thus, 
that *EVERY* subsequent violation is 'knowing and wilful'.

Enough of the people on this list (a) run their own servers, and (b) provide 
email handling for at least _one_ other person, such that they qualify, UNDER
CAN-SPAM, as an ISP, and thus _have_ "standing" to initate a private lawsuit 
under said law (=individuals= do _not_ have that right, *only* ISPs, the way 
the law is written).  Now, with a whole _bunch_ of *ISPs* being victims, 
there is the possibility of a _CLASS_ACTION_ civil suit.  

One can imagine what kind of _news_ coverage that even the contemplation
of such an action would carry.

When I have a reasonable amount of 'ammunition' in hand, I look forward to
a _very_ "interesting" discussion with their legal counsel.  <*BIG* grin>

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