Question on packages and ports (and versions)

Antonio Vieiro antonio at
Thu Jun 10 14:58:59 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I can't find an answer to this question, so I decided to post here.
Since I'm not very good at english let me ask this with an example.

I assume that packages and ports may have different versions of the
same software (am I right?) so, for instance, if you install gnome
with packages you can have a certain "glib" version (say 1.0), but if
you install gnome with ports you can have a more recent "glib" version
(say 1.1).

Now my question is, am I right on this assumption? If so, may I have
those two versions installed at the same time (from a package and a
port)? How does software from packages and ports interfere each other?

Does software installed from packages live in different directories
than software installed from ports? If not, how does FreeBSD select
one over the other?

Thanks in advance,

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