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On 10/06/2010 13:32:23, Jonathan McKeown wrote:
> I know it creates work for the admins, but couldn't their address be 
> unsubscribed and banned, given that they have been creating a nuisance for at 
> least the last several weeks now?

Sure.  Just tell postmaster at freebsd.org *what* address mpcustomer.com is
subscribed as.  Hint: it's nothing to do with mpcustomer.com -- that was
the first thing checked.

Now, in order to work out how mpcustomer.com is subscribed to this list,
the obvious thing to do is examine the headers of any list e-mail as
received at their help system.  Or examining mpcustomer.com's mail logs
to correlate the incoming e-mails with the host(s) relaying them.

That involves mpcustomer.com spending some time and effort
investigating, and that seems to be something they are not doing.  Not a
good advert for them, but they don't seem at all bothered by any
potential loss of reputation.

The only other mechanism might be to tag each list e-mail with a unique
value for each recipient in such a way that it is preserved in the
message that mpcustomer.com's help system sends out.  That has severe
problems of scale and load on the FreeBSD mail servers, but it might be
possible.  There is a similar technique (whose name I have temporarily
forgotten) that some mailing lists use where they tag the envelope
sender address with the recipient name in order to identify addresses
that are bouncing back the list e-mail.



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