dbus_enable and hald_enable

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at tx.rr.com
Tue Jun 8 22:26:13 UTC 2010

--On Tuesday, June 08, 2010 23:29:38 +0200 Polytropon <freebsd at edvax.de> wrote:
> If you ask what HAL and DBUS actually *ARE*, I'm not sure what
> to answer - to me, they are both useless. :-)

hald is an interface between devices and programs.  It listens for 
attachment/detachment of input devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.) and informs 
listening programs of those events.

dbus is an interprocess communication system that allows programs to connect to 
and exchange messages with other programs.  It allows the kernel, for example, 
to interact with your desktop.  Rather than you interacting directly with the 
kernel, dbus acts as a middle man, controlling the communications between the 
two and only allowing you to perform actions which are considered "safe" or 

The two work together, for example, to let your desktop know when you connect a 
new mouse or type on your keyboard.

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