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Tue Jun 8 04:25:48 UTC 2010

On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 12:29:08AM +0000, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> But I believe that we are ok with the office apps that we have :)
> koffice(kword,kspread, kpresenter, ...)
> goffice(abiword, gnumeric, ..., )
> OO(openoffice-writer,... )
> There is GO OO which is a smaller version of OpenOffice, don't know if
> it is in the ports or not?

I'm not any kind of fan of OO.o, thanks to its weight, slowness,
Java-dependent build process, lack of binary availability, obtuse
interface (much like MS Office's), and so on.  I don't feel the need to
install all of KDE or GNOME just to get a word processor and spreadsheet
program I might use a couple times a year.

I don't think Go-oo is smaller than OO.o, though it is reportedly a lot
faster.  Of course, it's not in ports, and I'm not keen on building
something roughly the size of OO.o just to find out if it runs a little
faster, so I don't know personally whether that's true.

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