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On Sun, 6 Jun 2010 21:56:50 -0600, Chad Perrin <perrin at> wrote:
> There are options for one-way compatibility (e.g., catdoc for turning MS
> Word files into plain text), but for being able to interoperate to
> roughly arbitrary degrees with users of MS Office I'm not aware of
> anything other than OO.o, KOffice, and whatever GNOME's using, that would
> work for the purposes you described. 

And don't forget there's also StarOffice, the program it all began
with. :-)

> Ever since it essentially stopped being possible to install OO.o from a
> binary package on FreeBSD for me (at least without also installing Java),
> I've dreaded the day I will no longer have the venerable OO.o install
> from way back when and some jackass expects me to talk back and forth via
> MS Excel. 

In the past, OpenOffice provided localized binary packages, and
you could e. g. "pkg_add -r de-openoffice" to install the german
version of OpenOffice, including dictionary. Thanks to today's
"modern" software this isn't possible anymore, simply due to the
many options you NEED to set at compile-time, and things like a
dictionary need to be added afterwards manually. So compiling
OpenOffice is your only chance to get it, except there is someone
who did compile it for you with the correct options (e. g. regarding
the use of Java, CUPS, Gnome, KDE, and so on).

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