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On 07/06/2010 17:34:56, Chip Camden wrote:
> For most of what I need to do, it's not an issue.  But I do have clients
> who send me Word docs, and one who requires that I send them specs in
> Word format.  For that, I guess I'm stuck using some behemoth office
> tool, if only for converting from a different format.  I'm currently
> doing that work on a Windows workstation, but I'd like to limit my
> involvement with Windows to only developing for it when I must.

Heh.  Do you always remember to save your MS Office documents in such a
way that it clears the history before you e-mail them out?  Many times
taking a document and hitting 'Undo' a few times can reveal all sorts of
stuff that you probably wouldn't have wanted to be made public.

Lots of places refuse to permit sending out MS Office documents for that
specific reason: PDF is generally acceptable even to the most
unenlightened Windows users.  Ideally though it should be possible to
use an open standard, like XHTML or SVG, so the recipients could edit it
themselves if needed.



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