which is the basic differences between the shells?

Chad Perrin perrin at apotheon.com
Mon Jun 7 04:01:05 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jun 06, 2010 at 11:32:58AM -0700, Chip Camden wrote:
> > 
> I was a tcsh user before switching to zsh.  But I was raised on the
> Bourne Shell, and used Korn shell a lot in the 90s.  The C-shell versions
> of control flow commands always tripped me up, even though they're
> arguably more sane -- just because the sh versions flow off the
> fingertips.  So sh-compatibility was my main reason, but I like the
> features of csh that zsh cherry-picked.

Given my preference for (t)csh syntax over sh syntax for an interactive
shell, I guess that doesn't give me a whole lot of motivation to try it
out.  Another response to my question discusses some other benefits,
though. . . .

Thanks for your perspective.

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