office apps

Mike Jeays mike.jeays at
Sun Jun 6 23:56:11 UTC 2010

On June 6, 2010 04:34:16 pm Chip Camden wrote:
> This might not be the right list for this question -- if so, please slap
> me over to the right one.
> Does anyone have a recommendation for a lighter-weight office suite?
> OOo is such a pig.  It takes a good minute to start it up and open a
> spreadsheet.
> Short of the full suite, how about just a spreadsheet program that supports
> complex formulas and charting?  If it could also be used without X11 when
> charting isn't needed, that would make my day.

Gnumeric provides a good spreadsheet, although it does need X11. It supports 
charting, with a good variety of options. It installed very quickly on a Linux 
system, seems much "lighter" than OpenOffice Calc, and it starts much more 
quickly than Calc.

"pkg_add -r gnumeric" should install it for you.

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