freebsd releases?!?!?!(confused)

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at
Sun Jun 6 10:36:01 UTC 2010

On 06/06/2010 1:27 μ.μ., Giorgos Tsiapaliokas wrote:
> hello,
> i was using gentoo linux and i have install FBSD 8.0 in my second machine..
> i have read the handbooks but i cannot understand which version of FBSD i
> have.
> i mean i know that i have 8.0 but i have the stable or the unstable
> version???
> and what is going on with the mirrors?


uname -a

You probably have 8.0-RELEASE, this is an officially released version
suitable for servers and desktops alike.

There is also 8-STABLE, this is a version in progress which is actually
very stable and usable and may provide features missing from RELEASE
(which you may need for some reason or other). Since you are a beginner,
I suggest you stay with RELEASE for the time being.

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