.sh & getopts

Aiza aiza21 at comclark.com
Sun Jun 6 05:17:51 UTC 2010

Aiza wrote:
> CyberLeo Kitsana wrote:
>> On 06/05/2010 10:56 PM, Aiza wrote:
>>>    i) action="installworld"; $flag_count=$((flag_count+1));;
>>> ...
>>> What is still wrong here
>> Bourne shell expands variables to their contents before evaluating.
>> Thus, the above assignment ends up expanding to '0=1'. Leave out the $
>> on the target variable, and it becomes 'flag_count=1', which is more
>> likely what you intended.
> i) action="installworld"; flag_count=$((flag_count+1));;
> But when tested it just put 1 into flag_count. it is not adding one to 
> the value all ready in  flag_count.
> Stilling missing the point here
> I want to perform math here. if more than one flag is coded them I want 
> the count to increase by 1 for each flag on the command, not change the 
> contents of the count to 1.
> Again take note this is .sh shell type.
shift; while getopts :ugr: arg; do case ${arg} in
    u) action="freebsd-update";;
    g) action="freebsd-upgrade";;
    r) action="freebsd-rollback";;
    ?) exerr ${cmd_usage};;
esac; done; shift $(( ${OPTION} -1 ))

doing more testing if found that the above $(( ${OPTION} -1 )) 
subtraction is not work either.

echo "OPTION = $OPTION" shows a value of 5, which is the 4 flags plus 
the leading parm. I thought $(( ${OPTION} -1 )) meant it was subtracting 
1 from the parm count which should make it 4 which is the number of 
flags i passed.

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