.sh & getopts

Aiza aiza21 at comclark.com
Sun Jun 6 03:56:23 UTC 2010

> /bin/sh can do math on its own:
> flag_count=$((flag_count+1))

I want to know if more that one flag has been coded on the command.
So add 1 to counter if that flag was processed. After all the flags are 
processed and fall out of getopts, then check flag counter for value.

Ok I coded like this

   shift; while getopts biugrs: arg; do case ${arg} in
    b) action="buildworld"; $flag_count=$((flag_count+
    i) action="installworld"; $flag_count=$((flag_count+1));;
    u) action="freebsd-update"; $flag_count=$((flag_count+1));;
    g) action="freebsd-upgrade"; $flag_count=$((flag_count+1));;
    r) action="freebsd-rollback"; $flag_count=$((flag_count+1));;
    s) ezjail_sourcetree=${OPTARG}; $flag_count=$((flag_count+1));;
    ?) exerr ${usage_update};;
    esac; done; shift $(( ${OPTIND} - 1 ))

testing with 4 different flags on the command so should match here.
if $flag_count = 4; then
    echo "yes 4 count"

  exerr "hard stop"

When it runs I get this

=1: not found
0=1: not found
0=1: not found
0=1: not found
0: not found
hard stop

What is still wrong here

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