Chip Camden sterling at
Fri Jun 4 15:02:40 UTC 2010

Thanks to some help from Joel Dahl on the mutt-users list, I was able to
restore correct color support in my mutt installation.  But it raises a
question about ncurses.

It seems that building mutt with the devel/ncurses port installed creates
the problem I was experiencing: most colors do not show up in mutt, and
the line-drawing characters are borked.  Deinstalling devel/ncurses and
rebuilding mutt with the base version of ncurses solves the problem.

However, x11/rxvt-unicode depends on devel/ncurses, so any time urxvt
needs rebuilding we get devel/ncurses reinstalled.  Any subsequent rebuild
of mutt restores the original problem.

Is there any way to sort this out?

Sterling (Chip) Camden | | |

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