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Thu Jun 3 23:26:22 UTC 2010

On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 23:18:48 +0000 (GMT), Andy Hiscock <andyjhiscock at yahoo.com> wrote:
> right scrolling to to top...  Gonna go back to VHS here..  
> Do a clean install as far as i'm concerned "freebsd-update" only
> works for patches and not for OS upgrades from experiences or
> considering ubuntu who's updates works. 

The freebsd-update program REALLY WORKS for OS updates. It
works for patches (i. e. staying within a certain release)
and even across major releases (e. g. from 7.2 to 8.0). As
I mentioned before: There's MORE you have to take care of.
If your applications are made for a version 7 system, and
you suddenly have a version 8 system, problems may occur,
for example if a library is required that's not present

> Have to say after 2 years of using BSD am seriously
> disappointed with FreeBSD, every other OS perform a
> clean upgrade except.... 

I'm sad to hear that, as it contradicts my own experiences,
and surely those of other FreeBSD users.

There are users who update their OS and applications once
a week, and others once a month; others perform the update
when a new patchlevel is offered, and others do stay with
the same system for years ("install once, then use"). How
you handle things absolutely depends on your goals and
requirements. As FreeBSD leaves you the freedom to decide
what to do, YOU have to decide. That's what system administration
basically is: Decisions lead by knowledge, experience and

> With not support to fix online.

As I said, the mailing list is not a "free support center" 
with "support" in terms of what you usually get when paying
for a maintenance contract.

But did YOU already try to fix it? You got so much suggestions
of what to do and how. I'm missing your cooperation. It won't
fix itself, sorry.

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