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Thu Jun 3 22:29:04 UTC 2010

On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 22:15:16 +0000 (GMT), Andy Hiscock <andyjhiscock at yahoo.com> wrote:
> OK now I know...  Why should I have to know this in the fist place? 

Hey, that's no problem - I also learned about this some time
AFTER is has been common. :-)

> If Im just as "User" getting worrying messages about needing to
> upgrade. 

Where did those messages come from? FreeBSD 7.2 is still supported
and no problem to run. I even know a setting where somebody is
using a 4.0 server for internal backups.

You should consider thinking about updating more intensively. There
has just been a related discussion about this topic on this list.

> If I don't I am under the impression no security patches will be
> available? 

No. FreeBSD 7 (releases) still gets patches, allthough they are
called "legacy". Depending on what you're doing with your server,
it may be wise to upgrade to 8 - or not - depends.

> The point I'm making to the end user, shouldn't a seamless
> update experience be achieved? :)

Usually, it does - honestly; freebsd-update and portupgrade -af,
and the show is running again. :-)

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