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Thu Jun 3 22:09:23 UTC 2010

On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 21:38:42 +0000 (GMT), Andy Hiscock <andyjhiscock at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Ah seems like FTP as well as Samba is blocked after the upgrade....   

This explains the error message presented. If you want to install
from FTP, but FTP can't reach anything, then... well... no INDEX
for you. :-)

> I have ran FreeBSD 7 to 7.2 using the freebsd upgrade process
> painless in the past, however.. 
> Have followed the instructions for upgrade 7.2 to 8.0-P3 from the
> FreeBSD website.  As I am not a FreeBSD guru all I can say is the
> update process is NOT a smooth process as per EVERY OTHER O/S in
> the open source market. 

I have different experiences, but that doesn't matter here. :-)

> I appreciate the support you have given but whatever you suggest
> just doesn't work.

Maybe because the conditions aren't meeting the requirements.

> I am very angered being lead in to believing freebsd-update will
> be the able to update your OS - this isn't the case. 

It IS the case. Keep in mind that FreeBSD differentiates between
the OS (which is updated by freebsd-update) and installed appli-
cations, or "everything else", which is updated by the tools of
your choice (make update, portmaster, portmanager, portupgrade).

Check "uname -r". Do you get a version number of the 8 branch?
If yes - update has been performed correctly.

> Does FreeBSD want to be a "fanatics only" OS? 

I'm not sure what it wants, but I may say that I'm not a fanatic,
but still using FreeBSD for many years nearly exclusively.

> No other OS's seems to have no such problems updating. 

I could show you some that have. :-)

> I have even offered access to my server to sort out the problem
> but no one has offered. 

Sorry, I don't think freebsd-questions@ is intended to fix your
problems for you, keeping you from learning important skills in
IT business.

> I just get cut/copy emails in reply that doesn't work. 

For my replies, I have no source where I do copy them from. I write
them by myself; copied things are obviously marked as copied (e. g.
some lines from /usr/src/Makefile).

> After 5 years of painless usage perhaps I ought to look at
> another better support OS?

Maybe you should. But 5 years or painless usage should convince you
that it may be worth to invest 5 hours to read, learn and repair.

If I would be impolite, I would ask you why you don't use your
backups to restore the "has worked for 5 years" state, but I know
how annoying a malfunctioning system can be.

Did you take the time to read "man freebsd-update"? I just did
it, and found this:

     rollback     Uninstall the most recently installed updates.

(I copied this line from the manual page.)

Did you try

	# freebsd-update rollback

For safety, this should be done in single-user mode. I'm not sure
if this really applies, but I'm a bit nervous anyway, so I do all
dangerous stuff in SUM, under least-dangerous circumstances. :-)

Magdeburg, Germany
Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0
Andra moi ennepe, Mousa, ...

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