cannot ping private IP within the same subnet of AP

samuelwang samuelwang22 at
Thu Jun 3 13:22:39 UTC 2010

Dear all:

I have setup an AP by using freeBSD 8 on eeebox b202.
The eeebox has two network interface. One is ethernet and the other is

I setup AP, DHCP, NAT on it. I can already connect to this AP and connect to
the internet normally.
But, I can't ping the other client which is connected to this AP.

ping error message is destination unreachable.

I check the firewall, dhcp settings, and gateway. Everything is just find.
Then I use netstat -nr to check the routing table:

Destination        Gateway                  Flags    Refs   Use  Netif
default             UGS       8      35878    re0                 link#3                   UH         0          0
      lo0     link#1                   U            2      184
 re0      link#1                   UHS       0        0
 lo0       link#4                   U             0     2615
 wlan0        link#4                   UHS        0        0

I found that there is no C Flags in   link#4.
In official handbook, C: Clone: Generates a new route based upon this route
for machines we connect to. This type of route is normally used for local

I don't know the
How could i enable this C Flags by anything settings?


Po-Jung Wang

Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University


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