Issues reinstalling Bind9 on FreeBSD 8.0

Bogdan Webb bogdan at
Thu Jun 3 15:08:14 UTC 2010

Ok i'll make it short coz it's the 2nd time i write this -.-' and don't even
ask why :D
So here it goes: Fresh FreeBSD 8.0 install, installed bind97 to witch i have
busted up the named.conf fine and tought, at the time, that deleting the
whole content of /etc/namedb and reinstalling the bind port will simply
write the files up again. Well it's not like that... i;ve did pgk_delete,
make deinstall, make rmconfig, tryed to manually delete all the files
required but no joy. Now i've tryed to use all bind9 bind96 and bind97 from
ports and even get the source from but they all did the same, even
more after a reboot and again the same process (source+ports) the builds
didn't even install the named binary
/etc/rc.d/named: WARNING: run_rc_command: cannot run /usr/sbin/named

Please do tell me how to purge completly a port, delete all it's files and
configs then install it again from scratch...

I'm using a 64bit FreeBSD 8.0 on AMD Athlon X2.

Best regards, Bogdan.

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