Is KDE 4.4.5 on FreeBSD 8.1 this bad?

Michel Talon talon at
Sat Jul 31 21:25:23 UTC 2010

Unga complained:

> behaviour of KDE is surprisingly poor

I have installed a fresh  FreeBSD-8.1 and a fresh kde4 from the
8.1 cdrom, and i see none of your problems. For me KDE4 works perfectly
OK, i am even surprised. 

Of course making X to run was an exercise in pain, i had to enable HAL
and DBUS otherwise keyboard and mouse were not recognized, the data in
the xorg.conf were not obeyed, etc. but this was to be expected. The
only problem i have now is that i have seen no way to configure the
kdm greeter so that the french keyboard is recognized as french, which
is inconvenient to type the passwd. But as soon as kde itself starts,
everything is OK.

An other problem i have seen, diablo-jdk doesn't work for me, i have
been obliged to recompile jdk-1.6 starting from an openjdk-1.6
bootstrap. Strangely firefox3 doesn't see the plugin, but seamonkey
sees it fine and konqueror also works fine with java. Firefox3 also
chokes on Google maps while seamonkey and konqueror work ok. There are
obviously javascript problems. Finally i have installed flash10 with
the pluginwrapper, and it works wonderfully fine in seamonkey and
firefox3, including sound, fullscreen images, etc. But konqueror
doesn't work with Flash, for an unknown reason. Hence seamonkey is the
only browser which allows me to look at google maps with street view.

To summarize, i am extremely happy with the performance of the machine
under FreeBSD-8.1, and things which were big problems, like Flash,
are now well controlled. Firefox3 is very crappy, only usable for most
basic browsing. Seamonkey works perfectly fine for everything i have
tried. Konqueror has regressions from KDE 3, but in general KDE4 is
nicer than KDE3. Of course icons on the dektop work to launch programs.


Michel TALON

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