Is KDE 4.4.5 on FreeBSD 8.1 this bad?

Unga unga888 at
Sat Jul 31 15:16:37 UTC 2010

Hi all

I have installed KDE 4.4.5 from ports (ie. with full compilation) on FreeBSD 8.1 on i386.

Once HAL and DBUS is enabled in /etc/rc.conf, behaviour of KDE is surprisingly poor:

1. None of the desktop icons works to launch programs. Eg. Click or double click on Firefox icon does not launch Firefox. I have to right click on the desktop and click on "Run Command" and type firefox to run.

2. Once type firefox on the "Run Command" it doesn't appear until I shake the mouse! Once press enter, it doesn't run firefox till I shake the mouse again. The firefox comes in stages and every stage I have to shake the mouse to continue.

Do others experience the same with KDE 4.4.5? Do I have to do some configurations to overcome this issue?

Best regards


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