sudo -K/-k ineffective

me gurpreet007 at
Fri Jul 30 20:41:37 UTC 2010


Upon doing sudo <some-command> as a normal user (non-root), sudo asks for
password only once, subsequent invocations of sudo doesn't ask for password
- even though I do sudo -k or sudo -K in between.
Although sudo starts asking for password after the time stamp expiry.

in other words:

% sudo mkdir /newdir
<sudo asks for password authentication, creates the directory after
successful authentication>

% sudo -k

% sudo -K

% sudo mkdir /another_new_dir
<sudo don't ask for password authentication, and creates the directory>

In sudoers file, NOPASSWD is NOT set.
here is my sudeors file:

Output of "uname -a":
FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE #0: Mon Jul 19 02:55:53 UTC
root at i386

Is this known bug? If not, then it might have security implications.

Gurpreet Singh
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