Correct syntax of "supfile" to keep ports upgraded?

Balázs Mátéffy repcsike at
Fri Jul 30 18:17:16 UTC 2010


If you want to stick with cvsup, or csup, you can use the example port
updating supfile (if you have the example files).

for example:

csup -L 2 -g -h

You can check the example file, what csup or cvsup needs in the supfile, and
in what form :).

If You have no ports, a "portsnap fetch extract" is much much faster,
because its fetching the ports in one file as tar.gz and extracting ig, but
csup and cvsup checks Your port files and downloads only the files that are

When getting ports the first time (if you sad no for sysinstall to install
ports), it's recommended to use portsnap to ease the load on the CVS
servers, but noone will knock on Your head if You use cvs anyway :).

Hope this helps!

Regards, MB.

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