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Josh Paetzel jpaetzel at
Fri Jul 30 16:06:01 UTC 2010

On Friday 30 July 2010 05:58:02 Prateek Sharma wrote:
> Hello,
>  	I am trying to install FreeBSD-8.1 on a server with the LSI SAS 9200 disk
> controller card. Before the partitioning step the installer says "disks
> not found.".
> However, just after freebsd boots , i get the diagnostic message saying
> something like: "Drive C: is disk ad0
> Drive D: is disk ad1
> .. "
> So are my disks getting detected or not? Does anyone know if the card is
> supported by FreeBSD? Is there any way i can get this to work?
> Thanks !

There's work in progress to get the new 6gbps LSI HBAs and RAID controllers 
working in FreeBSD, but so far the driver is pretty experimental.  Currently 
there's nothing in the tree, but hopefully soon there will be something ready 
for testing.

As far as what you are seeing on boot, the system BIOS is seeing the 
controller and disks, but FreeBSD doesn't have a driver so once the OS is 
charge you get the no disks found message.


Josh Paetzel
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