encrypt whole system using zfs

Jozsi Vadkan jozsi.avadkan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 11:26:36 UTC 2010

With dm_crypt&lvm, i can install a Debian [in sraid1], that has only the
mbr & the "/boot" unencrypted. 

So if someone steals the server/hdds, it can't do anything to them.
That's ok.

I'm a newbie to FreeBSD, and I want to use it in the future. I'm looking
for these "features", that i mentioned above.

So, if someone has a little time, can someone post just a few
howtos/links, how to do this? [i mean what is the "best-practise" for
this? - to encrypt the whole system/data. And e.g.: the /boot & the mbr
would stay unencrypted]

e.g.: How to install a FreeBSD in encrypted ZFS [and ZFS does the
mirroring instead of RAID-1]

Thank you!

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