ok, i give up...

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Thu Jul 29 02:04:54 UTC 2010

guys, i've been searching for a calender/reminder prog than i had YEARS
ago.  cannot find.  

it had a ~/.datafile that was ascii.  things like


# Bill's birthday:
08 08 echo "Send Bill a birthday card.

# watch one-time broadcast!!
08 09 2010  echo: "Watch PBS show at 20:00 hours"


i have forgotten the exact name of the ascii datafile and the calander
program.  can't find it in ports despite around 2.75 hours of "make
search key=calender |grep -1 Info" | more ....

I'm pretty sure i wasn't//am NOT hallucinating.  --there was an X popuo
when the date time was hit.  i had to click on the Popup/dialog? to get
rid of it.

anybody know what this was? it goes back at least to the late 1990's.

tia, y'all,


PS: and now, time for a brew.... or maybe a =NAP=....


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