apache22 build problem: cgi disabled

Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at p6m7g8.com
Thu Jul 29 01:27:17 UTC 2010

On 7/28/2010 5:11 PM, Kevin Kinsey wrote:
>> There's a --disable-cgi in there, but no cgi listed after
>> --enable-mods.

The Mk/bsd.apache.mk disables every at the start of ./configure args.

You should see ... --dsiable-cgi ... --enable-cgi or --enable-mods=...cgi...

It looks fine to me --  Its in the enable-mods-shared="..cgi.."

--prefix=/usr/local  --enable-layout=FreeBSD
--with-perl=/usr/local/bin/perl5.10.1  --with-port=80
--with-expat=/usr/local  --with-iconv=/usr/local  --enable-http
--with-pcre=/usr/local  --with-apr=/usr/local/bin/apr-1-config
--with-apr-util=/usr/local/bin/apu-1-config --disable-authn-file
--disable-authn-default  --disable-authz-host --disable-authz-groupfile
 --disable-authz-user --disable-authz-default  --disable-auth-basic
--disable-charset-lite  --disable-include --disable-log-config
--disable-env  --disable-setenvif --disable-mime --disable-status
--disable-autoindex --disable-asis --disable-cgid  --disable-cgi
--disable-negotiation --disable-dir  --disable-imagemap
--disable-actions --disable-userdir  --disable-alias --disable-filter
--disable-proxy --disable-proxy-connect  --disable-proxy-ftp
--disable-proxy-http  --disable-proxy-ajp --disable-proxy-balancer
--disable-proxy-scgi --disable-reqtimeout --enable-so
--enable-mods-shared="auth_basic auth_digest authn_file authn_dbm
authn_anon authn_default authn_alias authz_host authz_groupfile
authz_user authz_dbm authz_owner authz_default cache disk_cache
file_cache dav dav_fs actions alias asis autoindex cern_meta cgi
charset_lite deflate dir dumpio env expires headers imagemap include
info log_config logio mime mime_magic negotiation rewrite setenvif
speling status unique_id userdir usertrack vhost_alias filter version
reqtimeout ssl" --with-dbm=sdbm --with-ssl=/usr/local --enable-v4-mapped
--with-devrandom --with-mpm=prefork --prefix=/usr/local

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