vmware and freebsd 8

kalin m kalin at el.net
Wed Jul 28 21:03:25 UTC 2010

so installed the open-vmware-tools-nox11 package...  the vsphere ( the 
client interface) detects it but it says VMWare Tools: Unmanaged. any 
idea what that means?

i did try to install from source off the sourceforge site without x and 
some other stuff but it's broken.....


kalin m wrote:
> awesome...  thanks to all replies...  i'll try the nox11 also..  those 
> machines are only intended as servers so guis are not necessary...   
> thanks...
> Kevin Wilcox wrote:
>> On 28 July 2010 09:12, Steve Polyack <korvus at comcast.net> wrote:
>>> We've always used the open-vm-tools port
>>> (/usr/ports/emulators/open-vm-tools-nox11).  There is both an x11 and
>>> "nox11" version, both of which work very well.  It also includes a 
>>> handful
>>> of other drivers and modules, including the memory balloon driver.
>>> If you only intend on using the vmware-guestd, vmxnet, and/or vmmemctl
>>> (memory ballon driver), then you can build with "-DWITHOUT_DNET
>>> -DWITHOUT_ICU -DWITHOUT_FUSE" to eliminate a few more dependencies.
>> Steve - that's excellent advice. I'll try out open-vm-tools-nox11 on
>> one of my VMs this afternoon and see how it goes. Thanks!!
>> kmw
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