vmware and freebsd 8

Rocky Borg rrborg at speakeasy.net
Wed Jul 28 06:12:35 UTC 2010

I haven't used vmware so I can't say if it's better but it didn't take 
me long to get freebsd up and running with virtualbox. Just follow the 
instructions at http://wiki.freebsd.org/VirtualBox

You do have to install /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions/ on 
the guest. I got FreeBSD 8.1 and PC-BSD 8.1 both up and running on it. 
I'm having some sound issues but other than that it works great, in 
fullscreen mode you can't even tell it's running as a guest on a host 

On 7/27/2010 9:47 PM, kalin m wrote:
> hi all...
> messing around with vmware and fbsd 8...
> has anybody used vmware esxi 4 to put a bunch of fbsd machines on it?
> i also installed the vmsphere client (they call it) which is pretty 
> nice interface to interact with the virtual machines but apparently 
> doesn't know much on how to install vmware tools on a bsd guest.
> so the question is which vmware tools should i get for the fbsd 8 
> guests to go with the esxi 4.1. in the ports there are vmware-tools6, 
> 5, 4, 3. tried six. it wants some disk. there is also the 
> open-vmware-tools. is that open one better to play with the esxi 4.1 
> an the vmsphere thing?
> also is there anything better than vmware for virtualization that 
> plays nice and with fbsd?
> thanks...
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