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Paul Macdonald paul at
Tue Jul 27 10:28:40 UTC 2010

> I was wondering about your update strategy. Do you update your apps as soon
> as a new version is available in the ports ? Or do you follow the "if it
> works, don't touch it" strategy ?
> I'm guessing "portupgrade" is your preferred way of doing this hence, do you
> also choose -P or -PP ?

I update mine regularly, pretty much as they come out.

On occassion you will find that bugs are found with updates and that a 
new version will be bumped a day or so later, but someone has to find 
the bugs!

I use portmaster on some machines, portupgrade on most.

Doug Barton recently added extra logging to portmaster which now enables 
audit tracing so you can log what was updated when,  portupgrade has a 
switch to log to a file but there's not as much detail and no datestamps.


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