Looking for PCI/PCIe AHCI controller

Paul Schenkeveld fb-questions at psconsult.nl
Sun Jul 25 16:05:05 UTC 2010


My fileserver has grown beyond the 6 SATA drives supported by my
Intel DP35DP mainboard.  When I add a SATA port multiplier I see
a dramatic decrease in throughput compared to directly connected
SATA disks (not a big surprise, although the combined throughput
is way below 3 Gbit/s).

So now I am looking for an add-in SATA card that is supported by
the FreeBSD ahci(4) driver.  I don't need HW RAID support on the
card as I'm running ZFS.  I have PCI and PCIe (x1) slots free.

I tried a Promise TX4 but that one appears as an ata(4) card and
not as an ahci(4) card.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Paul Schenkeveld

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