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b. f. bf1783 at
Sat Jul 24 11:12:49 UTC 2010

> >> I have always been thinking of trying FreeBSD but as a Christian I get
> >> deterred by its un-Christian
> >> logo.

It's amazing how exercised people get over a topic like this, like in
that old story:

I think it's a pretty dumb logo myself, but a group of people that
offer you free software, and even some help using it -- that doesn't
seem benign to you?  Why don't you talk to some of the other
Christians involved in the project, like those that maintain bible
study software in FreeBSD Ports?


> The term "daemon" has ancient
>roots in Greek mythology and has nothing to do with more recent Christian
>notions of "demons".

Well, "nothing to do with" is overstating the case a bit.  There are
some connections, even beyond the etymological, and not all Greeks
thought alike about them.  But we take your point.


>I was a member of a military unit known as the Red Devils years ago.  I
>did not feel like I was being corrupted by Evil.

Some people would find this a lot more problematic than wearing a
daemon t-shirt.  ;) Out of curiosity, Is that the one that got its ass
kicked at Pearl Harbor and Wake Island, or the one that got its ass
kicked at Arnhem?  Or just a hardcore bunch of Man U. fans?


>You stick to your holy water, I'll stick to defenestrating virgins,

That seems like a waste of a perfectly good virgin.

>sacrificing goats and chanting the Lord's prayer backwards whilst
>dancing naked in a pentagram.
>I find it's the only way to get FreeBSD to work....

I knew I was missing something.


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