popt-1.50 or better??

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Sat Jul 24 00:51:13 UTC 2010

hey y'all,

there is a program called libots [or ots] that acts to summarize text
that i'd like to port to freebsd.  i grabbed the src from scourceforge
days ago and found that i need a later version of popt than we have.
we've got v 1.14 of popt and the configure script from libots says that
1.5 is required.  i've stumbled around but haven't figured out where to
grab the newer version.

yes, i am imagining _war and peace_ or _the iliad_ run thru ots ...
etc.  i'm not sure how well ots does yet, but it would be great to
have abbreviate/condensed/summarized versions of a lot of texts.

tia for any help,


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