Install Apache in qjail?

Aiza aiza21 at
Thu Jul 22 00:11:05 UTC 2010

Ed Flecko wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm using the new qjail, and I've created a new jail named
> "webserver", but I don't see how you install a package (in this case,
> Apache 2.2.15) inside the jail?
> I know qjail is pretty new; is the best source of documentation at the
> moment the "man" pages?

Read the qjail man page again and this time, "study" what its telling 
you. It's all explained in detail. BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND what the 
create command ip address section is telling you.

The simplest method is
start the jail that you want to install apache in.
Open that jails console.
issue pkg_add -r apache

If this apache jail is going to use the standard port 80 to listen on, 
then the host and any other jails can not use that port number.

For your info. Being in the jails console you config your jail the same 
way you would config your host.

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