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Aiza wrote:
> Jerry wrote:
>> On Wed, 21 Jul 2010 02:25:32 +0800
>> Aiza <aiza21 at> articulated:
>>> Like the announcement said the port is available at
>>> And if you have ever submitted a new port for inclusion into the
>>> freebsd ports system you would know that it takes months for it to
>>> show up in the collection.
>> Actually, I have submitted a few ports. I believe it averaged only
>> approximately 10 to 14 days before they were officially committed to
>> the ports tree. Updating them usually takes 10 days or less.
>>> So you can wait till xmas or RELEASE 9.0 to come out for the port to
>>> be in the ports collection or just fetch it form the development
>>> project site.
>> I guess I was just lucky I did not have to wait 6 months. I am
>> assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that you might be the maintainer of this
>> new port. What is the PR #?
> There has been the normal pre RELEASE freeze on since xmas, that is why
> no port activity is occurring right now.

Hi Aiza,

Where did you get that information?  Whoever told you that is mistaken.
 A large number of commits have entered the ports tree since the
beginning of the year.  Have a look at the ports CVS mailing list
archive since December 2009:

The ports tree does go into a freeze or slush state around release
times, but that doesn't completely stop commits either, mostly sweeping
changes that affect a great number of ports or introduce some other
incompatibility.  Here's some more information:

Hope that helps, and thank you for your new port,
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