Help with setting up a mail server

Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at
Tue Jul 20 13:46:00 UTC 2010

On Tue, 20 Jul 2010 09:33:28 -0400
Jerry <freebsd.user at> wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Jul 2010 09:26:44 -0400
> Aryeh M. Friedman <aryeh.friedman at> articulated:
> > I am a consultant and was retained by my client to setup qmail or
> > exim on a VPS running 8.0-STABLE (i386). After setting up the DNS
> > (A record and MX record) we have been unable to send or receive
> > mail. The client has/had a working script for installing qmail on
> > 7.1-STABLE but it seems to not work on 8.0-STABLE. They are using
> > the same VPS provider who this 7.1-STABLE install script worked
> > under. I have tried everything I can think of to make it work
> > including asking obvious questions on -questions at .
> > 
> > I informed the client that the task is likely beyond me capabilities
> > but I would help recruit someone who would be able to do it at a
> > reasonable fee paid to them (I am acting as a no cost middle man on
> > this [I am helping the client for free since I was unable to get it
> > done]).
> > 
> > Please send any ideas and/or offers to do the job
> I would seriously suggest that you consider installing Postfix. It is
> in the ports tree, is well maintained and works out of the box. The
> Postfix forum will be glad to give you any advice you need for setting
> up and securing your mail server. Qmail is no longer supported by its
> author and can be a nightmare to maintain.

We had also tried sendmail and couldn't get that working either so I
suspect it is a general config issue not a MTA one.  (I have set
sendmail up about 30 times in the past so I know a little bit about it)

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