Emacs splash screen went to textmode only

Ashish SHUKLA ashish at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jul 20 07:21:11 UTC 2010

Markus Hoenicka writes:
> Ashish SHUKLA writes:
>> Can you upload the screenshot of what you're getting ?

> Hi,

> I've uploaded a screenshot right here:

> http://www.abload.de/img/emacs-splashaws1.png

> The image shows four incarnations of Emacs. These are, clockwise
> starting from upper left:

> 1) Emacs started remotely on my laptop through ssh. This Emacs is
> slightly older (23.1.1) than the one on my desktop (23.2.1). This is
> what an unfiddled-with splash screen is supposed to look like in
> recent versions.

> 2) Emacs started on my desktop, using -q -no-site-file as per your
> suggestion. There are no graphics and no colors.

Can you please provide output of following:

1. "xrdb -q|grep '^Emacs'" from an terminal running in X11.

2. "(display-grayscale-p)" in *scratch* buffer in GNU Emacs running in X11.

3. "system-configuration-options" in *scratch* buffer in GNU Emacs.

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