cannot install opera

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Sat Jul 17 19:46:33 UTC 2010

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<AANLkTimaFgMvtFj8dxrojAF02ZzIHsBqdKaVRRTUiqhu at>,
wrote Franci Nabalanci thusly...
> It is interesting why they are waiting for update if they found
> vulnerabilities on June 25th and version 10.11 was out long time
> ago.

For one, perhaps nobody submitted update to 10.11 version.

For second, in the PR mentioned earlier to update to 10.60 ...

... if one READS it, initially there were problems with port update
itself.  Then, 10.60 crashes a lot.

I myself am using 10.11 version, installed from a local port.  As
the port was intended only for i386 architecture, I did not submit a
PR.  Let me know if anybody wants it.

  - parv


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