FreeBSD vs YouTube

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed Jul 14 17:10:58 UTC 2010

paul writes:

>  So finally i came here with the question: Is it possible
>  to watch youtube on a FreeBSD system ?

	I have it running on 

FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #0: Fri Apr 23 11:34:17 EDT 2010 amd64 

>  And if it is, someone would be so kind to guide me to a FAQ /
>  Article / wiki / or tell me how to do it ?

	AS far as I know, there is no stand-alone player.  
	Foe use with SeaMonkey (and presumably FireFox), the magic
components are:

huff@>> dir /var/db/pkg | grep flas
drwxr-xr-x    2 root  wheel       512 Jun 16 07:45 linux-f10-flashplugin-10.1r53
huff@>> dir /var/db/pkg | grep splug
drwxr-xr-x    2 root  wheel       512 Jul  2 07:59 nspluginwrapper-1.2.2_7

				Robert Huff

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