trouble mounting USB digital camera

Vladimir Kushnir vkushnir at
Tue Jul 13 11:40:03 UTC 2010

Hi Anton.

On Tue, 13 Jul 2010, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:

> I'm trying to mount USB digital camera
> to FBSD -current (either i386 or amd64).
> I get to
> 	ugen1.2: <Eastman Kodak Company> at usbus1
> in dmesg, but no block device appears,
> so I'm not sure how to mount this device.
> Does the procedure for mounding USB camera
> devices differ from that form USB flash drives?

Yes it looks like your camera uses PTP protocol (precisely like mine 
Kodak C340 does). In this case you don't mount it at all and use 
graphics/libgphoto2 based photo transfer/management programs instead (they 
are: console graphics/gphoto2, KDE3 based graphics/digikam, KDE4 
graphics/digikam-kde4, GTK+ graphics/gtkam, MONO graphics/f-spot and so on 
- make your choice)


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