D-Link DWA-556 and hostap

Nathan Lay nslay at comcast.net
Tue Jul 13 03:04:14 UTC 2010

Hi list,
I read that the D-Link DWA-556 uses the AR5008 chipset.  Anyone using 
it?  Does it work well for hostap (at least for 11g)?  I'm a bit unsure 
because I've read that AR5008 has hardware bugs.  However, I am a fan of 
ath(4) ... it has served me well in the past.  However, I'm considering 
building a Mini ITX system that has only one PCI-E x4 slot.  My choices 
seem to be DWA-556 (AR5008) and Asus PCE-N13 (RT2860), both of which are 
PCI-E x1 cards.

How about Marvell-based wireless cards (mwl(4))?  I haven't been able to 
find any card with a Marvell chipset in it!

Best Regards,
Nathan Lay

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