b. f. bf1783 at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 11 14:38:31 UTC 2010

>My hdd is using UDMA33 under PC-BSD (which uses a FreeBSD kernel). The
>Nvidia SATA chipset seems to be detected, but isn't used! I hope this
>is easily solvable because my laptop becomes really slow when the hdd
>is used now.

It seems to be using UDMA133, which isn't all _that_ slow.  :)  But of
course SATA would be better, especially if your chipset supports
features like NCQ.  In order to use SATA:

(a) hardware and your BIOS have to support AHCI (because the FreeBSD
developers haven't taken the time to support most SATA hardware that
uses proprietary non-AHCI interfaces);
(b) your kernel has to contain the ahci(4) driver (or the older ata(4)
drivers that have been built with the ATA_CAM kernel option); and
(c) your hardware has to be recognized by these drivers.

You can look at your BIOS setup to try to see if AHCI is enabled, or
talk to the manufacturer.  You can check the output of "kldstat -v" or
talk to the PC-BSD support team to see if you have the proper drivers.
 And you can look at the output of "pciconf -lv" to check information
about your hardware, and look at the subclass field, or compare the
chip numbers to the list of supported hardware in the source code of
the drivers, like:



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