Reconstruct meaningful data from tcpdumps?

Bill Campbell freebsd at
Sat Jul 10 06:29:53 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jul 09, 2010, Modulok wrote:
>Is there a way to reconstruct network traffic from a tcpdump file? Or
>something similar? As in: analyze the dump file and attempt to
>re-construct files transfered though http, ftp, known messenger
>protocols, instant message conversations, http requests, web pages,
>and so forth?

I like the tcpflow program for things like this.  Its command
syntax is very similar to tcpdump, but I find it much more useful
as it creates a file for each side of a tcp conversation
containing the traffic.

This can be very handy when debugging things like IMAP

I have also used it to capture web pages that I couldn't save in
a browser to see what was actually being sent.

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