what to do when FreeBSD cannot do something?

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Thu Jul 8 01:04:34 UTC 2010

> > What virtulization system to use? Personnally I use ESXi from vmware
> This was a great tip, thank you. I wasn't aware that ESXi is a bare metal and free.

That's the idea: bare metal and free, proxmox has something based
on... I don't remember. I opted for vmware becuase it seems to be more
wide spread.

> > What OS to use instead of FreeBSD? It depends on what is recommended
> > for your application, what resources you have available around you,
> > etc. For a similar problem I choosed Ubuntu because Ubuntu was well
> > supported by the application and some colleagues had a decent
> > knwoledge of ubuntu.
> I am not fanatic about FreeBSD, but I feel very comfortable with it and I resist change. However your ESXi tip would allow me to run ESXi on bare metal and virtualize simple installations of the "unpleasant" legacy OSes without making my fingers too dirty.

You will have to make your fingers dirty, because once you are
installing any OS on a virtual machine, it is as dirty as installing
on a bare hardware: you need to learn how to install, tune and secure
that new OS...

Good luck,


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