/boot is full after running "make installkernel" on

Jerry freebsd.user at seibercom.net
Wed Jul 7 11:18:32 UTC 2010

On Wed, 7 Jul 2010 11:13:21 +0100
Bruce Cran <bruce at cran.org.uk> articulated:

> I'd consider that bad advice: the defaults sysinstall chooses are
> currently just wrong, and you should indeed be setting / to at least
> 1GB so you don't run out of space. The 'solution' of deleting
> kernel.old or not installing symbols is just a workaround and is
> certainly less than ideal.

I also ran out of space. I decided that a minimum of 2GB was the safest
choice. It would be nice if the authors changed the default settings in
the soon to be released 8.1 version so as to nullify this phenomena.

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