Global backup solution for FBSD & Ubuntu

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Wed Jul 7 01:29:33 UTC 2010


>> I am trying to build a global backup solution for couple of strategic
>> servers (7) based on two operating systems :
>> - FreeBSD (6 - 7 // soon 7 - 8)
>> - Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

I am running amanda as a centralized backup solution for FreeBSD,
Linuxes and Windows.

Amanda server is a dedicated machine with 7.5 TB disks (about 2300 USD
assembly machine, gives me over 4 weeks or daily incremental backup,
but the duration really depends on your usage).

The more sensitive services I also backup using the protocol own
duplication (master-slave database, DNS replication, etc.) With MySQL
server replication, you can have the slave server running your actual
database and ready to go in case the primary crashes. If the
availability of the service is really critical, you must consider an
high-availability solution, not only a backup.

With that I have all the needed information to restore a faulty

>> - SAIT solution and backula.

I used to use tapes, I have changed for disks, it is much much faster
and easier. And cheaper! In a 3U enclosure you can have 16 disks, for
32TB of storage.

>> ∙ I am not a 100% sure these solutions will allow me to restart rapidly
>> from a crash, specially for Ubuntu servers.

Depends on how you define rapidly...

Backup and high availability have different/complementary roles: the
first one assures that no data are lost, the second assures that the
service will always be available. You know your needs :)

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