FreBSD 8

Grant Peel gpeel at
Tue Jul 6 17:07:32 UTC 2010

Hi again all,

I have just installed FreeBSD 8 on my NFS server.

The older machines (FreeBSD 6.x) are able to connect to the NFS exports 

I have also installed FreeBSD 8 to two more machines, 1 is a Dell 1850, and 
the other an R200. Both of these machines had FreeBSD 6.x on them and were 
able to connect to the share with no problem.

The error I am getting is: RPCPROG_NFS: RPC: Program not registered

I have pretty much memorized the handbook with regards to NFS at this point:

On the server, (from the Handbook), all the following are in rc.conf:


On the Clietn(s), the following line is present:


I have tried:


which does not appear to make a difference.


start nfsiod -n 4 on the client, does not seem to start (not showing in the 
process list anyways, and no console output whn I try to start it.

FYI, I can ping, ssh etc etc etc through the same IPS as the nfs 
server/client use (192.168.0.x).

If it makes any difference the Server is uing fxp ethernet, and one client 
is using em and the other bge.

I know there's something simple I am missing, but damned if I can find it. I 
had the same issue trying to connect using the live filesystem a few weeks 
back, so it seems to be something with freebsd 8. (Configuration?).

Any help appreciated,


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