syncer hemorrhages numbers on shutdown then panics

Steve Franks bahamasfranks at
Mon Jul 5 17:55:48 UTC 2010

I just did a 'new huge disk' procedure (aka dump 0aLf - | restore -
for each label).  I have a script for automating it, and it usually
seems to work, but not today!  Silent failures/corruptions do not make
me comfortable, especially coming from my backup tools (yes, no errors
seen in log).

System seems to work, but it won't shutdown!  syncher spits out random
numbers for 10 minutes or more then panics.  Should I start over?  Why
didn't dump/restore unambiguously copy my working disk to my new one?
I didn't see any expicit errors...

Also, X won't start, complaining about inability to write something
for the keymap into /tmp; probably part of the same problem.

Stranger still, an rsync -n from one disk to the other seems to agree
that the two match!


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