Problem using Portmaster to upgrade installed ports via packages only

Alexandre L. axelbsd at
Mon Jul 5 10:48:32 UTC 2010

First, Thanks Doug for responding to my mails. 

> > I don't know (or understand) if I have to set a value
> to
> That depends on your goal. Why are you setting this?
I thought that PM_SU_VERBOSE will explain the errors about my sudo problem. I can use portmaster with sudo only with the command : 
#sudo portmaster <-options>
but not with .portmasterrc, or /etc/portmaster.rc

> > I have tried to set PM_SU_VERBOSE=/usr/local/bin/sudo
> > without success If you can help me here, I have read
> the manpage
> > hundred times, but haven't found where I am wrong.
> Please copy and paste the parts of the man page that are
> confusing. That
> will help me improve it.

I think I have misunderstood the using of PM_SU_VERBOSE. I thought that PM_SU_VERBOSE was the verbose mode of PM_SU_CMD. As you describe in your mail, the using of this option is not applied for my case. 

> Meanwhile, you might also consider simply running
> portmaster as root.
> There is nothing preferable about running it with sudo, it
> is a feature
> that I added because users so often requested it.
I have apply your advice, and I haven't got problem. Now I can install ports from packages (if available) or from sources.
Really, thanks again Doug for your help, and advices.



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