pxe LiveCD setup

Carl Chave carl at chave.us
Mon Jul 5 04:03:57 UTC 2010

> With grub4dos
>  title FreeBSD
>  pxe keep
>  chainloader --raw (pd)/images/freebsd/boot/pxeboot
> it loads pxeboot, but then:
> netboot: couldn't probe pxenet0
> pxe_open: netif_open() failed
> ...
> can't load 'kernel'
> OK
> So it loads pxeboot, but then pxeboot can't use the pxenet0 device.

Your goal in the pxeboot/nfs/livefs was to avoid having to transfer
the large livefs iso?  I won't be much help solving your problem
above, just curious where you're going with your setup.

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