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Sun Jul 4 21:43:15 UTC 2010


I am trying to build a global backup solution for couple of strategic servers (7) based on two operating systems : 

- FreeBSD (6 - 7 // soon 7 - 8)
- Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

These servers are hosting some strategic components mainly related to DNS infrastructure and databases. 

For the moment I am backing up these server using network based backup solution: 

- A "duplicity" based solution which backs up key directories in my infrastructure on a remote FTP server provided by my hosting company. 
- A "dump" of some key components which I am doing on regular basis for FreeBSD servers. 
- Duplicity is also used for the Ubuntu servers. 
- Databases are replicated "live" on a remote server using "slony" for the most strategic ones (Postgres DB) and using mysql dump export for MySQL.

• I am not a 100% sure these solutions will allow me to restart rapidly from a crash, specially for Ubuntu servers. 
• I would like to know which solution(s) you have deployed at what cost for what results ? 

I am actually considering couple of different solutions 

- SAIT solution and backula. 
- Disk based solution (maybe also with backula). 

I have couple of servers that will reach their end of life that could be recycled as backup solution at a very convenient price… 

Thanks for you help. 

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